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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Die Sterne Artbook (1997)



firstly this is based on of the ‘should you play sniper’ flowchart because i love it so much

secondly this is everything i know about all of the other tf2 classes and playing them. this is what i’ve learned in all these months of playing this game. this is all anyone needs to know about team fortress the second



get to know me meme [2/10 female characters]
➤ miss pauling




الفنان ” Bryan Lewis Saunders “

ينقل تجربته  برسمه لمجموعة من الرسوم التي تمثّله بعد تعاطيه انواع مختلفة من المخدرات .

Bryan Lewis Saunders is an artist from Johnson City, Tennessee who’s  doing a series of self portraits under the influence of various drugs.

The fuck is dilaudid and where can I get some?!

I was on dilauded for a few weeks when i had my surgery and there was a period of 3 days where i was completely convinced that i was pocahontas.